"ETEX Cooperative needed to replace billing software and analyze our operating processes.  We turned to Centerra Corp based on their comprehensive knowledge of balancing the right software with the staff's skill sets.  Centerra helped by providing an agnostic review of the new billing systems.  Processes and departments were reshaped to develop a more efficient communication and order flow within the company.  The partnership with Centerra has been impactful.  I would recommend Centerra to companies who want to fix processes that are critical for growth potential.  

Charlie C., General Manager, ETEX Cooperative, TX

“Centerra met my expectations during the Gap Analysis of our current B/OSS Systems and internal processes and procedures.  We are engaging them further to help us become more efficient on our day-to-day operations."

-Jimmy T. General Manager, Nex-Tech, KS

“The Centerra Kaizen Team did a great job.  They were able to bring our team together in a way I hadn't seen in my 22 years at Nex-Tech.  We are already seeing the momentum keeping up witch is a great thing.  You guys are definitely onto something.  I am confident this change in mindset is a game changer for our company." 

-Justin McClung, Nex-Tech

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