Project Management

Centerra Corp approaches every client project with the upmost care and diligence. We recognize specific strengths, constraints and long term goals. Each member of the project management team will exemplify organization, thoroughness and efficiency. Our consultants are dedicated, driven and knowledgeable. Centerra will meet or exceed all agreed upon goals. We stay on budget and meet crucial deadlines. Let Centerra become your voice throughout the project and represent your company’s needs. Centerra guarantees your project will be implemented timely, professionally and efficiently.

Budget Control
Centerra will provide an extensive budget control document that will be updated throughout the course of the project.

Project Implementation Timeline
Centerra will provide a Project Implementation Timeline that defines the implementation from start to finish.

Contract Analysis
Centerra ensures that all of the necessary programming is included.

Contract Compliance
Centerra will continually monitor the completion of contract requirements to ensure that deadlines are met.

Project Analysis
Centerra will actively engage the software provider to providing specs for any project needed while ensuring costs are reasonable.

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