Efficiency Audit

Centerra’s Efficiency Audit will provide your company the tools that will compare the actual performance of your current BSS/OSS and/or Mapping System to it’s potential performance. Today companies must make the best use of it’s current resources. Determining where the shortcomings are and how to best tackle those weakness is where Centerra can help.

Our detailed analysis will help you identify gaps between the optimized utilization of your software and your current state. This analysis will encompass how the current processes/procedures and company practices inter-relate with your software packages. In addition, we will approach all other third-party software systems in the same fashion to determine how they relate to the day-to-day efficiency of your policies and procedures.

BSS/OSS Software - Centerra understands that a company’s BSS/OSS software applications are vital asset to a successful business. Accounting, Billing, Marketing, Cooperative Management, Work Force Management and Plant software products need to be functioning and utilized at the up-most level to fit your individual company’s needs.

Third-Party Software – Similar to BSS/OSS software applications, third-party software systems become vital to the processes. Whether it’s mapping, activation or provisioning software, efficiency utilization is ultimately needed. Integration with third-party software systems is key to successful efficiency.

If your company partakes in any of these actions, we strongly recommend that you consider the benefits of Centerra’s Gap Efficiency Analysis:


  • Are you utilizing Excel to maintain customer information?
  • Do you have departments manually updating a spreadsheet?
  • Are you using any outside source to create schedules?
  • Do you have staff members that hand write notes in order to save time?
  • Are you physically printing out Service Orders or Trouble Tickets?
  • Does it take days to gather/create/manipulate board reports?
  • Are you having to manipulate regulated reports in excel prior to filing?
  • Do you have to perform a prequalification for every new customer?
  • Is there is limited software integration within your current BSS/OSS?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, then your company WILL benefit from a Gap Efficiency Analysis.

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