Kaizen Change Management Event & Business Process Optimization

Processes and procedures help to create a positive, productive working environment and establish a firm foundation for growth. Change management and continuous process improvement provide the vital buy in from all staff members and creates an atmosphere of excitement to embark on putting much needed changes into action. 


Kaizen Change Management Event - Centerra's Kaizen Event will introduce the culture of positive change management into your company.  It encourages employees to embrace and spread the message of change.  The Kaizen Event acts as a forum, where employees feel free to suggest ideas and enhancements that will impact not only their department but the company as a whole.  Fostering an environment of accountability and ownership for future projects, those that partake in this change management event leave the 2.5 day meet as advocates of change.  This event kick starts the momentum of critical change and process refinement prior to conversions or major acquisitions.  

Renovation – Most companies today have procedures in place to act as guidelines for day-to-day activities. However, 90% of these companies can benefit from a renovation of the current processes and procedures. To keep up with the changes in technology and changes to your BSS/OSS software, every company needs to be constantly aware of how the internal processes must adapt to the changing environment. Centerra Corp will facilitate the refinement of your current processes to ensure the up-most efficient utilization of all of your staff and software.

Creation - As companies grow and take on new endeavors, new processes and procedures should be addressed and implemented. Centerra Corp will assist your company in developing these processes to best suit the needs of your company. We will treat you as a unique entity, while taking into consideration the current BSS/OSS software’s ability and company practices and regulations.

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