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Advancement in technology, changes in industry standards, staying competitive., offering your customers the best possible service may all lead to the inevitable... The need for a new BSS/OSS System. When you are ready to begin the search, let Centerra Corp relieve you and your staff of the stress and hassle out of how this process. The options are numerous. Every software system has its own strengths and weaknesses. Centerra Corp is unique in that we work with the BSS/OSS vendors in the industry today. We are very familiar with their applications, and most importantly their pros and cons. After a short analysis, our consultants can quickly help you narrow the scope of your search by eliminating those that do not support your current needs and growth expectancy. Our Comparative RFP for BSS/OSS systems will provide you a insightful view into each vendor. We will layout features and functions in a comprehensive summary. Our consultants will work with your company closely to customize the RFP template to suit your needs as an individual company.

In generating an inclusive RFP for replacement of the current BSS/OSS and CRM software, Centerra structures the process in four phases. Research, Observation, Execution and Delivery.

Research Phase - Our research phase will give us the tools we need to better understand our client’s current software components, efficiently working modules and its deficits. This phase will require input from both management and staff members who utilize the software on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, we will inquire about the processes and procedures both inter-departmentally and cross-departmentally that exist today. Most importantly, the research phase will enable us to delve into our clients future needs, requirements and goals. The research phase can be performed both remotely and onsite.

Observation Phase – The observation phase is accomplished onsite. Our consultants will sit next to and observe the everyday practices of employees from each department. They will pay close attention to the interactions with customers, within the department and between different departments. All the while, analyzing the processes in place and how effective they are working for you is a large part of this phase.

Execution Phase – Upon completion of the “Research Phase” and “Observation Phase”, the consultant(s) will compile and review notes to ensure the each prior phase has been completed successfully. At this time, an extensive RFP for replacement of the current BSS/OSS and CRM software will be executed. Centerra Corporation has current BSS/OSS and CRM templates, in which we amend on an individual basis for each client.

Delivery Phase – Centerra Corporation will formally deliver, a finalized RFP document. The RFP will be comprehensive, concise and in a conclusive state to send out to the potential OSS/BSS and CRM software providers. Centerra Corp will provide a comparative rating factor for evaluation in conjunction with the delivery of the final RFP product.

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