Centerra Corp is a leading project management and consulting solutions firm headquartered in Shawnee, Kansas and has been serving clients throughout the United States, as well as Internationally, since 2007. Our seasoned consultant team is comprised of experts in Efficiency and Change Management. Centerra understands that the more we learn and share about the products on the market and the vendors that supply them, the more power and competitive advantage you will gain.

Past endeavors have always pushed us to capitalize on the latest technologies to ensure greater success for each of our clients. We will continue this approach and are steadfast in preparing for tomorrow's technology, while providing you and your organization with the tools you need today. 

Our team is comprised of over 75+ years of experience in the industry.  We originate from both the provider and vendor side of the house and have co-mingled our knowledge to provide our clients with a multitude of perspectives and innovative solutions. 

We invite you to browse our web site and discover more about what Centerra stands for and how we can help you! We hope that most of your questions will be answered as you browse, however, should you need additional information or encounter a question we have not answered thoroughly, we would be honored if you would allow us to elaborate.





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